IBM Certified

These certified experts must identify and rectify any issues related to IBM Management Solutions. They must have proper knowledge of the IBM Security Framework and its relationship to other system components. Deployment Professionals are further responsible for building and managing IBM Security rules and reports and for resolving any other issue that may arise, and they must be able to install and configure IBM Security components.

Deployment Professionals should have a strong understanding of primary computer architecture systems. They must be able to deal with any issue related to security technologies, such as firewalls, encrypted keys, SSL, HTTPS, SSH, intrusion detection, routing switch ACLs, VLAN, Span Ports, and other technologies. It is also important that they have expertise in various TCP/IP Level 1 skills.

IBM Certified Deployment Professionals must be well-versed with LINUX operating system commands such as vi, iptables, ssh, cat, tail, grep and others. They must be capable of understanding both vulnerabilities and vulnerability scanners. They must also have basic proficiency in CVSS and other scoring systems and have knowledge of shell scripting.
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